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Supply Ability:
Specifications FB120/200
Price Term:
Port of loading:
Minimum Order 1PC
Unit Price:
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Main features
&|61548; With digital, humanized and intelligentized design, the top-of-the-line operator contains an intelligent microprocessor control.
&|61548; Its modern and futurist look features soft and smooth lines. Every detail and shape has been carefully and passionately designed.
&|61548; The control unit regulates all the necessary functions such as automatic memory, automatic lighting control, automatic close, automatic reverse and photocell protection etc., extremely quiet and smooth operation.
&|61548; Soft start and soft stop.
&|61548; Self-locking in closed position.
&|61548; Manual release device in case of power failure.
&|61548; Electric limit switch remembers door position.
&|61548; Easy to set limit position.
&|61548; Auto-reverse in closing& Auto-stop in opening in the event of obstruction.
&|61548; Automatically close the door after 1-9 minutes (adjustable).
&|61548; Wiring terminals for button switch, infrared photocell, DC24V power output.
&|61548; Courtesy light will turns on in using and turns off after 3 minutes.
&|61548; RF hopping code technology prevents your remote code being accessible to others, one remote transmitter can separately control max. 3 garage doors.
&|61548; Hopping code remote control with max. 25 pcs transmitters.

Technical specification
Model FB120 FB200
Power supply AC220(110%)V 50Hz AC220(110%)V 50Hz
Motor Permanent magnet
DC motor Permanent magnet
DC motor
Motor power 24V, 80W 24V, 100W
Open & close force 600N 1200N
Lifting height 2.2m-3.2m 2.2m-3.2m
Auto-close time 1min-9min adjustable 1min-9min adjustable
Weight 7kg 8kg
Dimension 495240175 495240175
Opening speed 5.77m/min 5.77m/min
Cycles per hour 25 25
Max. door size 10 m2 14 m2
Ambient temperature -25 oC+45 oC -25 oC+45 oC
Radio frequency 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz
Transmitter type Rolling code Rolling code
Remote distance 30m 30m
Transmitter battery 27A 12V 27A 12V
Bulb 220V~240V 25 watt 220V~240V 25 watt

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